Reviews for "Override - PV02"

Favorited as Pile bunker fists are still one of my favorite mech weapons.

release your limiter they said, you won't shut-down suddenly they said... sadly releasing limits and keeping going is limited to humans... nice and fluid animation, stay awesome.

Oh, that bolt on the arm!

You totally stole the audio from Street Fighter series ;P Great animation though, the only reason why I am giving you a 3.5 here is because you submitted too early. This looks like it should have been a scene from a grand epic series. You have talent to animate action scenes, and maintain an emotional suspense parallel to the kick ass action. I could see you creating an animation with a couple voice actors, a dramatic story line, and whole lot of ass kicking in the mean time. Keep it up, you left everyone wanting for more.

ZedrinBot responds:

It is a series though. It's a webcomic. :T http://pv02.tumblr.com/comic It's mentioned in the video and right in the description.

It's not just a one-off animation. I'm only going to animate the best parts and the most climactic moments. There's no way to stick to the weekly upload schedule otherwise.