Reviews for "Nosebleed"

I love this style of animation, don't stop! you have a big potential!

Awww, I thought you sounded off. I'm sorry, B! Anyway, this was godlike, as always. ;))) I know this is weird, but I always wanted nosebleeds. I know. WIERD. even 'I' think it's weird. heh.

Funny video, reminds me of when I was about 12.

One time I drank a whole red berry smoothie like 10 mins before I went into the pool. 5 mins later I vom'd the whole thing up and everyone FREAKED. THE HELL. OUT.

Hahah great joke worst places to get a nose bleed ! "hes the devil!" lol

I get random nose bleeds too. Not as bad as what's in this video. I think it's small blood vessels in the nose or something.