Reviews for "Ultra Trivia - Nintendo"


So this here was a nice game you have going on the quiz itself was notbad at all I was not perfect by any means but it was a fun quiz regardless some extra medals wouldn't hurt and make more of these as they are pretty fun and I enjoyed reviewing this fun little game of yours it was nifty so nice job on this one I really liked it the medals were fun but does need much more to keep the fun factor alive

More medals for sure


This is a fun but also quite difficult quiz for me (mostly due to me growing up with PS1 and PS2). I love the range of questions from release dates to who produced what and so on. If you love Nintendo and think you know alot about it try this quiz. A good quiz that deserves a five star rating!

Fun little quiz. It's amazing how much I still know about release dates (especially US release dates, since I'm not from the US) and what the codenames for older consoles where.

I only got 40%, but for some questions I simply had to guess, and most of the time I guessed wrong.

Pretty cool trivia
I got 80%

A interesting trivia, a background music should be good, good game =)