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Reviews for "Spank the bitch!"


okay I'm into bdsm and whippin thats kinky an fun but showing bloody cuts is a tit bit over the line... cuz like when ur whipped it dosent BLEED unless its Really thin whips and their snapped at ur tit hard. Ow.. turn OFF
Also, plz do the drawing a little better.... the cum is just... gross.

2/10 because of the drawing and cum/blood

eeewh >_<

eeewh >_< i just dun like it, i mean
when i see da chik i was like ".__. as always, some regular drawing skills,"
but when i do my 1st click i was like "omfg!! o_O eeewh! blood!"
thats freaking insane XD freaking cuts D: and da blood jumping almost in my face >_< its so damnly imposible that a girl can be exited with this!! XD
bet lots of girls get more exited with 2 girls and 1 cup D:

da final was bad drawed too, that cum looks like puke XD
this is not a game, its looks more like a subliminial message saying girls are slaves o_O...... nah i think that subliminal thing its just a stupid thing of me XD forget that

anyway >_< its so damn "eeewh" okay?! >_<

Your God

dude ur freakin awesome 5000000000000000000000000000/10

I am fine with sight of S&M (kinda)...

But this is DISGUSTING. I mean, did you have to show the FREAKING CUTS?!
Take them away, and I'd be kinda fine with this. Not really jumping for joy, but fine with it.


not cool
the game should just be deleted