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Reviews for "Paladins"

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Lol Bitch be Crazy

I do wish there were more Paladins porn out there, especially with gals like Evie, Skye, Cassie, Meave, Ying and others. Hell, I'll take crossover smut with Overwatch. I can picture Evie pounding Mei's pussy either futa or with a dildo.

Not bad, all things considered. Art style is pretty flat (or is it just the color style?) Animations have few variety and aren't as much of a turn on as this could have been. There's also something about her boobs that looks kinda...weird?

On the plus side though, the choice of dialogue and timing is humorous and on-point. A funny and worthwhile animation to watch at best, but not something I would wank off to anytime soon. Still a sold 3 stars for the effort and humor.