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Reviews for "Pumpkin Archer"

There's actually a mini game just like this in Skyward Sword if you've ever played that game.

turtlesf responds:

I can see that. Nintendo has nice mini games. The influences for this game were Overwatch and Bloons. Mostly Overwatch though. I have a few other game ideas based on characters from that game.

why am i shooting my own head?

turtlesf responds:

For halloween

first place for now so i think its a good game and its addicting with awesome music

That Halloween spirit!

This game makes me smile. I imagine that the pumpkins are attacking the castle, but the only thing they can do is hurl themselves up into the air, and here's this one guy shooting them down with arrows. So then the ghost pumpkins appear with their "Wooo" sound effect try to scare the defender, but he just shoots them down. Of course, the overly dramatic music just adds to it.

Gameplay is very fun and addictive, even if I experience some lag with larger numbers of pumpkins. Upgrades and more styles of pumpkins would be cool.

Good, clean fun. :)

turtlesf responds:

That is a great interpretation. May as well be canon.