Reviews for "Hail Strawberry Full of Grace"

Clock Day has true power if it can make another Joilet-Jane movie appear


wow! another great clcokday movie!

you do epic stop-motion animations!
and your clay SBC figure is great!
how can i learn to make little clock-figures like that?
and what FPS did you used on this stop-motion movie? (i want to make stop-motion movies too, i really like those movies).

anyway, you did a funny movie, and i liked that you've pointed out that clockday falls on the same day as the holy madonna's day. (its a cool, but rarely spoken fact within the CC...)
also, i loved SBC's wild dance, and the sobrero scene, which was amazing! great work, and really good stop-motion animation, complete with good humour, cool visuals, and with some good dancing in the end!
great clockday tribute, you are the best!

keep up the good work, and remain awesome!
happy clockday!

Holy. Crap. What an awesome surprise. Wonderful work, as always. Unique, inventive, and fun to watch. {{{}}}

clockday just isn't complete without a joliet-jane flick. awesome and charming as always.