Reviews for "I Love Egg ep.3"


eggs with morphing abilitys woah...and its cute ^_^; nice stuff

No bomb?

Aww. Still good though. ; )

Love how you pulled the scenery from the front and dropped it in and such instead of just starting with the background. It gives a much more intersting feel to the short from you building it as you go and allowing the eggs to change as the please to the scene and their emotions.


I like that you ended this Episode Differendly ,,,,,,, without that Bomb,,,,,,, and the Scene with the eggs Hiding from the Shark is funny !

Cute wittle eggy fishys. ^_^

I really enjoyed this episode especially at the end with the shark,you make such cute wittle flashes. ^_^


i rly lk thm lil eggs there just so adorable