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Reviews for "Dress Ri"

Very great game.
But i'm wondering if one of theses secrets are not related to Sugar from OFF...
Anyways, keep going, you have my support !

I've found 3 of the 5 you say that are there. I've went through this matching thing for 15 minutes, tried everything on every bg and I've only found 3 so far. I seem to not be able to find the other 2 secrets. Might be broken for some people.

It a really well done dress up and i do like the UI with just button. But its just that. Now what would be entertaining if say you could add in an aimated of her making comment on the outfit choices.

Such as getting mad when or highly embarass when the nude option is taken or the cross X on the tits to be like Har Har arent you a funny pirate and then a parrot lands on her shoulder. I do believe no one has done that yet. and would be comical if you could.

Ever find something so unnecessary..

it's black