Reviews for "Coming of Age"

Quality of the Sound is amazing! Sound levels are well balanced and crisp! Vocals and instruments evoke vivid imagination! What a happy music! Great Job!

Step responds:

Thanks for reviewing, and sorry for the late reply!

Masterful! Fantastic! Amazing!

Step responds:


A little late for the bus, but I'm glad I listened to this medley now.
Very enjoyable, classic Step quality so why I am even commenting, and a great tribute to the Zelda series... which is... in my games I have yet to play list. Particularly OoT and MM. Yeah, don't judge.
So, the thing I like the most out of this piece isn't just how organic it sounds, it's how it progresses. It's very dynamic, which is kind of expected given Zelda's celtic-like vibes, but I think you two have hit the nail compared to the concept behind this piece.
What else can I say other than great job? Oh yeah, great job guys. :)

Step responds:

You call that late? My response is nearly two months late @_@. Sorry about that!

Hey I haven't played OoT and MM either. I played Twilight Princess and had a blast, and I also have Wind Waker HD that I haven't gotten around to playing yet. Definitely a great franchise with an amazing soundtrack.

The biggest relief is that you enjoy its progression. It's always hard to nail that balance between telling a story and having it musically "sensible", if you get what I mean.

Anyhow, thank you for dropping by mate, and thanks for the review!

Beautiful music! the first ever 5 star vote ive ever given on newgrounds! I can totally recognise where EVERY single song is from the franchise (and ive never even played the games!)

overall, I just love this tune, it awesome!

Step responds:

I definitely made sure to choose iconic pieces to include in this medley. I haven't even played Ocarina of Time either but I'd recognise the melodies either way.

Thanks for reviewing!

(sounds like you too this to a live orchestra) ;)

Step responds:

Imagine how awesome that'd be... having access to a live orchestra. For now, samples will have to do!

Thank you for reviewing.