Reviews for "Fatsack: BWDS ep 1"

Now we finally get to see something of the biology of Brackenwood and it is glorious.

chluaid responds:

thank you!

I remember when I first saw Bitey. It was amazing!
It is good to see that Brackenwood is getting the continuation it so deserved.
Plus, the scenes are just as beautiful as I remember. :)
Hope you continue with your animations, they are truly a joy to watch.

thank you thank you thank you for working again on brackenwood. your style has definitely polished more in these years.

Just as fun watching the streams as well as the finished product. Great to see this series return a long with the effort that goes into it.

chluaid responds:

thanks for watching the streams!

I buy this as a real, existing creature! also the animation's fluid and elegant as all hell here!