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Reviews for "Bend or Break: Korra Hentai Parody"

A very good game for a "dating" sim. I enjoyed the three endings each for different reasons. I would have liked it if the game mechanics were a little more complicated and things like feeding and how you fed her had a larger effect. It would also have been nice to have multiple ways that you could break her resistance through trickery rather than just the standard two. Audio and sound effects need to be done right. If done well it adds a lot to a game, but if you use the same canned moans and groans it can detract from it. If you have to choose between silence and canned sound effects, silence is the way to go. That or the ability to toggle SFX off. Background music would have been nice.

Thank you for the enjoyable game, hopefully we will see plenty more from you.

sunsetriders7 responds:

Your welcome, and there will be more from us on newgrounds. We also have a long standing ongoing project over on Patreon. Much more complex with more of everything. Thank you for the review.

It needs something to make it pop, overall though it is pretty good (and a big step up from the previous version I played). I got 2 out of 3 endings (all 3 are bad apparently). Getting her compliant is pretty easy relative to the ending where she cooks your crotch, almost like just by avoiding that one option that one time tames her. A little more finesse in the taming of her (so it doesn't happen instantly) would be worth another star. Some decent animation would be worth another star. The story is a bit short, making it a continuous game with about double to triple the text to give enough variation to keep it from seeming repetitive would probably give it another star. Enough still art to give an appropriate image for nearly every 'page' would probably gain another star. Having some 'good' endings to work towards would probably net it another star. So you could grab another 5 stars from me with some more work (though the rating system will only allow 1.5 more stars). The graphics are good, the game seems smooth and bug free (big plus over the previous version), other than her getting tamed so easy things aren't too jarring (from her on the show to this game), decent number of options for the length of the game as well. Well done, though plenty of room to expand in just about any direction you want.

sunsetriders7 responds:

Thank you so much, totally agree with you. Since releasing this game we have be looking at ways we can incorporate sound and animations. Knowing now how much they are valued (and really should be) in these games we are going to make sure they are included in the next game that we bring to newgrounds.

amazing game
but i was wondering how many endings does it have ?

sunsetriders7 responds:

It has three endings. Thank you for your review, glad you enjoyed yourself.

I actually like it.

I honestly expected this to be a shitty little game that has dialogue written by a 4 year old.
But i was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I personally don't care about it being animated, as i really like the art style as it is. Sound would be welcome, but the game gets by fine without it.

Honestly, if you focused on branching out the story and adding more detailed cause and effect (seriously she just doesn't get the hint half the time). I feel like this game could come out to be a very popular success.

sunsetriders7 responds:

Thank you so much, I have a feeling you will like where our next project (on Newgrounds) will expand on what we do.

I sadly can't even start this,since this Operation is called'Unsecure'.
I still give 3 stars because of the Overwhelming likes this has.

sunsetriders7 responds:

Do you have problems with other games on newgrounds. What browser are you using?