Reviews for "Columnbine"

Before I say anything about the game, I should ask that of all the names you could name this, why in the holy mother of fuck would you name it after an infamous 1999 school massacre? I mean it makes it more memorable I guess, but still...

Anyway, this game is just bland and boring. First off, I do like how you added medals, and the music you added is good (even though it should've been there by default). However, the game looks boring, and the game itself just feels uninspired, you could've added items or bombs or something like that to make it more original. That, and at first I was confused that the blocks weren't moving, and when I checked to see how to play, I saw that you needed to click on it. Why? If it's a glitch then I could understand, but if you added it in personally, then it's a big issue for players who have just started.

Overall, I do like how you added in medals and music, but this game has a lot of serious issues that either need to be fixed now, or fixed if you decide to make another one of these. I suggest making it look less boring and making it feel more original by adding items and whatnot.

I got a white screen as well, but if you wait long enough it will show up. Outside of that, the only downside to this game for me, is the inability to turn the columns.

If Tetris was shit... I give it one star for effort.

Well I like how this takes after the old game "Columns" but it took me a while to distinguish between certain colors. I say it needs to be polished a bit and have hints like the original in the first few levels but pretty good attempt

Ok, this is weird. I played it yesterday while it was under judgement, it was working. Today, it just stays blank. Did anything change? Tried Chrome and Firefox too.