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Reviews for "HighwayCity"

Wow so beautiful

I love myself some SciFi "CITY" senes just like you have presented here, I would suggest adding some cars with lights driving like its an active city or something along them lines, You have the Ambition for unique stuff like, This was neat and strange and very impressive, it has a certain artistic feel to the art style and it was just strange but that was a good thing, I really liked it, And I really like the Rapid Presentation But Finally I will come to an end here with this review in a bit, Well I do hope to see more work of yours, But with all that said, one thing I will say is that this was a fun piece of artwork, and a pleasure to review.

I would suggest adding some cars with lights driving like its an active city or something along them lines


Kamikaye responds:

THanks !
I admit, I forgot about cars and stuff while doing the color overpass. I experimented with some holo ads etc. but deleted them again.

Wow, you have outdone yourself, this is beautiful Kamikaye. Reminds me of Hong Kong :)

Kamikaye responds:

Thx ! Yea, those pics from Hong Kong with the highway ramps in fron of the residental blocks were crossing my mind.

I too love SciFi cities / skylines and this is one of the coolest! The tangle of roads is really fun. I feel out of the loop though - what game is the bottom half from? Is this related to the voxel stuff you were doing previously with a game in mind?

Kamikaye responds:

Thx !! The bottom half is a screenshot from a city I built in cities skylines. The voxel stuff is not related though. The game plans are still there though ! :)

Oh wow. This is stunningly beautiful. Is there a horizontal wallpaper version of this? I'd love to have it displayed on my HDTV as a screensaver when idled.

This is incredible to look at and just extremely warm to the eyes. Gotta love the colors and fantastic amount of tiny detail. Damn.

Edit: I just noticed but... Why is the image horizontally flipped? If you look at one of the signs on one of the buildings, it says "San Miguel".

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks a lot ! Unfortunately no. A horizontal crop probably wouldn't statisfy the resolution req of a HD screen. There is flipped stuff because I flipped the picture multiple time while working on it.

now you need a full size city shot with a sun set

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) Definetly something that'll come up someday.