Reviews for "Civilizations Wars 4 M"


Great game, a nice continuation of it's classic self but has some ugs that couldstand to be hammered out.

Neat game but the hero units were a useless mechanic for me. I just let them do whatever they wanted and it worked out.

My first impression of this game was "Okay so it's just another game where you attack buildings to capture them". Now, having had a short 10 minute timer so I had time to judge the what is about 49ish more games to judge, I almost missed out on the unique feature of this game, that being the skill system. The skill system made a huge impact on my thoughts of this game, and even as I write this review I think back to the things this game did well: Use of map based hazards (windmills pushing you into tower damage range, and rivers slowing you), great difficulty balance (not just mindlessly clicking buildings to win), and the ease of access of being able to drag the mouse over multiple building to send waves of allies forth. This game screams innovation, it just hides it at first. Ultimately when I'm finished judging, I'm definitely coming back to this one.

not bad.