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Reviews for "Summoners Quest Ch.9 18+"


I really liked VI, and t´Jinx, this chapter made me like cathlyn a bit more too. I would like it if they actually meet some of the other CHampions as well soon, or if you can somehow make some sort of meeting between those Champions as well.

Or let us have that sleepover chapter^^

The story's amazing!
I wish you guys could make a Steam game out of it by Greenlighting it, or crowdfund it either way.
Really good stuff to make an awesome visual novel of it, maybe with voice acting or different languages (I'd be glad to help on the french part o/), some kind of animation, etc.

Jinx is my favorite so far. mainly because i got a nice view of her hot little chest. Didnt get a good look at Anivia during chapter 6 (7?).

The plot was great ,and it gave choices. I loved every bit.

Ferdafs responds:

Thank you!