Reviews for "Survive"

this is one of the most annoying games I have ever played. it took forever for me to find half the stuff since some of it blended in so damn much, and not to mention the color code statue should release the lighter after you get the code correct and not require you to press the center button a second time. and what irritated me the most and the reason why I give 0 stars is the walkthrough, when you add a walkthrough button to a game, do us a favor and actually link to the specific walkthrough of said game, instead of a whole list of all the walkthroughs of all the games you make and force us to go to it. I'm sorry for the rant but I just gotta say this was not a good game in my opinion. hope your other content is better then this

::Side note:: I actually played this game a few days ago off your facebook page. Decided Id just stick to Newgrounds cause I love it here (and I love medals too :D )

Anyhoo, the only flaw I have is that its an EXTREMELY simple game. The only "puzzle" was the colorcoded one with the statues and my 8 year old niece could have figured that out. Dont go too easy on us.

That being said, the graphics are nice as always and the music was as well.

Oh SD! Me+You, deserted island! You sneaky romantic devil you. Mwah!