Reviews for "Growing Ties"

Amazing! Great implementation of the two themes. I wonder how you came up with this idea. Either way incredible work.

All I would day is make the scoring make a bit more sense. I felt like even if I was off by a little bit, it lowered my score, but I don't really care because that was a wonderful submission for ludum dare

I actually laugh at this game because one of them was short and i give him a big long tie and he's was all like "-_- are you fucking kidding me bro?" and he walks off just like nothing just happened. And that's why i laugh so hard at this game.

Good game, i give this 69 out of 5 stars!

Awesome and funny game, you can put large ties on small guys and really short ties in big guys hahaha i never laughed so much with a simple game like this before :D please make another

This is pretty epic. Idea is original and executed perfectly. It was definitely fun to play.

Hard tho DX
But well, maybe this gamer is weird, but still awesome :D