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Reviews for "Dinky the Fifth Ghost"

I like that music in the end credits.

Had me laughing the whole time, a true work of art.

Pacman looked funny :D He looked like '__ . "Imma so der---py" "I gunna drunk" *burp*

I loved this! I like the chemistry that the characters share. It really makes them come to life, well as alive as a ghost can be. Keep up the good work.

Cheetoh responds:

Thanks a lot :)

The animation shows promise but a lot of the humor in this video feels a little too late and far too drawn out. The formula also feels a little too close to Family Guy (minus the cutaways). There needs to be more variety in the voice acting as it's barely noticeable that there's two different people. This doesn't mean you should take this criticism as a bad thing- there's plenty of time to improve and diversify your assets. A little time is all that separates you from doing something really good (and maybe some voice actors).