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Reviews for "Disney Princesses Reimagined INC"

This is amazing. I watched it three times and loled lots. Its just comic genius.
Great artwork and voice acting is on point.

*Im a gamer on NG and I dont watch movies as much as I did when I first came here years ago.
Im glad I watched yours.

This was something I actually got a good laugh out of this. I love the bit about the black panther movement

Such accuracy

I wish I had some constructive criticism for you. But you're just nailin' it. I'm guessing the CEO breaking into a titter at the end of his scene was an accident, but since his character was so... passionate(?) you were able to just work it in naturally. Or maybe I'm a crazy person.
I also appreciate that you're willing to jab at a target with a little teeth but also without going overboard. Seriously, you're on-point.
I hope Yotam and Finances are

I was really impressed by this. It's amazing how people are obsessed over how these characters should look. There's one that already is black. I think Tiana is her name. The artwork was really good. I especially like the references to the circle cartoons.

It's been awhile since I've heard about those. I've never heard of the word "hilaria" before. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something you made up. I just love the bits with the dumb guy. It's a really funny cartoon.