Reviews for "Oozie plays with himself"

On the first level there is a glitch. If you the current oozie falls the the screen gets stuck.

[Guide for the hexagon floor]

1st Step: Enter like normal ang go to the 1st hexagonal floor part, then continue but be sure to have the 1st floor part up or you're stuck

2nd Step: Then go to one of the statues and use the time machine
wait until the 1st Oozie is done and repeat 1st step and be sure to have the 1st hexagonal floor part up for the 3rd Oozie.

3rd Step: Wait until the 1st and 2nd Oozies are done and make your way to the golden statue. Then make your way back to the caves.

(P.D. Don't get stuck in one of the hexagonal floor parts if you do use the time machine, exit and enter again)

(P.D.2 Sorry if my english is bad 'cause I'm spanish)

This is pretty good but that hexagon puzzle was pretty frustrating to get through. Nonetheless, nice job!

Hmm.. I'm stuck, I got the golden statue, gave it to the skeleton. Now I have 3 paths left: left of pyramid, the tunnel and the giant sleeping guy and I have no idea how to get those done.
And so I gave up... It would be nice if we could save our progress, it is a fairly long game (unless you know where to go I guess)
It is a bit confusing, arrows to see where to go would help. (eg: I didn't expect to go down to start the adventure, I went back and forth searching left and right...)

I remember your previous game with a similar concept, it's a great idea and I see that it's not that easy to implement. There's the problem of having too many copies which can cause lagging. So maybe it should be limited? or mentioning how many are necessary for each 'puzzle'?
Anyway I'm glad to see you haven't given up the idea, keep it up + GL! :)

I think the game is a good idea but the controls are so hard to use, the characters kept falling of the side and killing them selves.