Reviews for "#YoutubeRed"

This was hilarious! Maybe not that a lot of work on detaield art, but I enjoyed it.

Congrats on your awards! I love this if only because of how crazy the guy goes in the middle. The animation moves very well. I have yet to hear much about this. I'm as just a big a nerd as anyone else here. It was nice how minimal this was.

I just loved this guy's voice. It completely suited the situation. Internet satire is always great. You certainly have something going for you. This is the right length, too.

Lol great job.

"Hello everyone! We here at Youtube are dedicated to your destruction."

I swear this is going on at Youtube and EA offices. No brains to maintain something or make things better whatsoever. Quite a simple animation and that's always a good thing. Trying to achieve something near impossible most of the time causes things to fall apart pretty much immediately (*cough cough* destiny *cough cough*).

I also think that the idea of YouTube Red is stupid, but I think the video overall is kinda... childish.
I'm not quite sure why.
3.5 stars for the effort and quality.