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Reviews for "RednGreen"

I could see this being fun but I just gave up because the player movement is way too slow. It makes the whole thing very clunky. It'd also be nice to have the short press/long press jump style as sometimes you only need to make a small hop but you can only leap high.

Nice idea changing plataforms but need more particles in the game only blue blocks and the caracter very slow it turn a very boring game

An okay puzzle game ,but the character walks very slow.

My overall impression about the game is that, while there's nothing really wrong with it, it's just not that fun to play. The biggest factor that makes puzzle platformers fun (at least for me) is the puzzle element to them, and in this game there wasn't much puzzling to be solved. The second biggest factor that can make a platformer stand out to me is if it's a metroidvania style game with a big world to open up and explore. This game wasn't either of those so it wasn't really up my alley, but I can still appreciate a good platformer that's just a test of platforming skill without being a puzzler or a metroidvania. In this game the only challenge was pulling off jumps where you need to change blocks once or twice in mid-air, and it felt like there were only a few points that were even close to challenging. The slow pace of the game took away from the allure of a skill-based challenge -- I agree with the other reviewers that the guy ought to move faster or have a "run" button if this is meant to be more of a skill game than a puzzler.

So if I were to try to make general suggestions for your next games: 1) spend some time coming up with clever puzzling level designs if you'd like to make a puzzle platformer, 2) build a huge interconnected world for the player to open up and explore if you'd like to make a metroidvania experience, 3) make the game pace faster and have some more intense challenges if you'd like to go for a skill game. Or all of the above if you think you can swing it.

really good game but there are some things i dont like
first im not sure if it it was intended that if you finish you go to the start
if it was i dont like it becouse there is no clear finish
there is no dead animacion
the checkpoints are too easy
on a normal plataform you die and you start all over
it really makes it boring if you can die a million times and feel nothing
then pass the level fast
and that mekes too this game too fast
if you had made no checkpoints on the stones this game would have tooken more to copleate
which is good in one sence and bad for other
depends more on the person playing
but im sure people enjoy more a game if you say
hard and long
the easy and fast

good game after all really enjoyed it