Reviews for "Pashed [MD2015]"

ok great animation
but I have 2 things to say great animation and second i'm pretty sure I saw something about "what if hank was a girl"

Superb flash. The animation is speedy and violent. Just the way I like Madness flashes. Plus the song goes really well with what's going on in the video itself.

ahahahaha super WTF

Ok so, this was ............so FRESH. Until this day I didnt belive that madness can work with music together. But your animation prove it that I am wrong. I fucking love this video. Something similar brought us Stagnate with his False things must perish. Action combinated with rhytm. But your animation bring this kind of idea to the pefect level. About animation itself. there is nothing to reproach. You are doing awesome work with camera, bluring efects, lighting efects. This must took long time to do it but the results are worth of it. your animation style is original, smooth and detailed. amazing work with bloody efects. I like the original character which you introduced well. Bazuka in tits :D many original ideas there. The best part of this for me is. when she was otside and pressed the button and the building behind her exploded. Her hair was flying. So strong scene. You are the oldest veteran of madness with many years of experience. I was following your movies since 2007. When I was only spectator. You always bring us something new and original. We all could learn from you. Btw You inspired me to make something similar to one of hardstyle songs i am hearing. Maybe one day.

meh this was great and all but I still say if hank was a chick he would be more serious then this