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Reviews for "Crystal Bunker Escape"

so fun, these. lagged a bit on me though.

I love puzzle games a lot and i really enjoyed this one. Interatcive elements are a bit hard to notice from the background I'd have to say, but the game by itself is quite fun to play.

Well it seems pretty cool to me. You could improve the graphicas a bit. Nice overall

Failed to be immersive or moody for me. The background is very different from the interactive elements. I had to read some descriptions of the items to actually figure out what they were. It worked without errors. One of the puzzles was interesting.

Maybe it was just me. I played around with the game for a while and got stuck very early on in the game and would of been forced to use the walk-through. I enjoyed the realistic graphics. The Tip to Cut the chain in the beginning kind of threw me off. You tell us how to do that, but I had no idea what the circles were for or the number panel on the first screen.