Reviews for "Excellent!"

Its YouTube man, it has become an elitist place where anyone of any worth is under 100,000 subs while some of the most insufferable of twits get ALL the views. Its really not fair like it was back then where if you worked hard and had the talent it would show off you WOULD get noticed. Now its just the super popular with the nobodies :C
God damn it its like being back in high school, XD except these "cool kids have the power of Marketing and ad revenue to booster there popularity and KEEP them no sharing allowed.
But yeah that's just me.

Three stars for the nice animation 2 off as its short very short.

Goob Jod

Underrated by ten you are deserving of more in this line of work - maybe some stickers from the teacher or something. The clip art cars make me laugh.

Tosmatobeef responds:

clip art?