Reviews for "BASTARD ROAD - Pilot"

Loved the animation, voices, and story. I like the style, as it reminds me (for some reason) of Samurai Jack meets Super Jail.

As for beating the Mexiachi: Find a way to throw him into the sun! }:0>

RugBurnChannel responds:

Thanks for the awesome feedback!

Holy crap you guys got Brian Poshen! I fucking love him funny guy I tell you

Seriously it seems we've been getting a lot of Adult Swim like shows nowadays And thats a good thing

As for how they defeat him. How about repeatedly punching him in the balls!

RugBurnChannel responds:

Brian is pretty great!!! Thanks for commenting!

Man that was amazing! Can't wait to see more. I gotta say the yo-yo dick made me cringe.

Awesome dude ^^

tell him its siesta time, he is bound by blood to cease all work and go nap nap. then roll him of the cliff