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Reviews for "Mother's Day!!!"

lol that happened to me in kindergarden too!

ReyaneAshtar responds:

LOL! Scariest thing ever!!!

Cute animation, good work!

wow, this movie brought me back some memories, and it also reminded me of a few similar situations i had in kindengarden.
the animation was good, and i could relate in a few pieces of the movie.
as for the message, it was cute, adorable, and so, so, true!
we should always appreciate who we love.
happy mothers day, and always be happy and love your parents/family.

ReyaneAshtar responds:

Thank you so very much! That really really really means a whole lot to me! And Happy Mother's Day to you too!

This appears to be a possible early animation created in flash.

The movie could use some sound effects, voice acting and music.

Sound in flash can be added by clicking file than import.

You than need to create a second layer for sound.

Sound adds an additional needed element to your flash movies.

Animation is a visual medium and my review will be focused on visuals.

You display clear signs of inexperience with both your animation and drawings.

You used a bit of tweens and some frame by frame.

The drawings were very amateurish and some of the brush strokes were a bit messy.

You sometimes leave areas uncolored and leave gaps.

Take extra time into filling those gaps because uncolored areas can often be an annoying visual flaw.

You might sometimes miss gaps; However, attempting to fill all coloring gaps is something to strive for.

You did an alright job on the backgrounds within the school.

The actual school itself was simply a square with a crudely drawn door.

Actual buildings are very difficult to draw and have lots of complicated details.

Take some portable art supplies on your next walk passed a school house.

Take a careful look at the school and than draw what you see.

You can also use google to seek out images of schools for drawing material.

You displayed a lot more attention to detail on the shots inside the preschool class room.

The humans can be drawn a bit better as well.

It takes a bit of increased observation of your surroundings and practice to make improvements with drawing.

I love how you used multiple camera angles and how certain shots were used for establishing emotions.

The little girl's state of mind was clearly on display in certain shots.

The shot of the teacher as a threatening monster displayed the little girl's imagination.

She became scarred and her mother provided comfort.

You made an interesting tribute to your mother.

I hope this review has helped you with making future improvements.


ReyaneAshtar responds:

Thank you so so much for taking the time to tell your ideas! I totally agree with my art being a little slacked but hey! There's room for improvement!!

The animation was a little stiff, but the content was full of heart. I hope you and your mother have a wonder mothers day!

ReyaneAshtar responds:

Thank you! You too!