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Reviews for "Max Fury [Death Racer]"

Wow, too many damm bugs.

- My car get randomly stuck inside the ground;
- Case randomly went from 75% of the scenario to immediatly teleport in front of me, and finishes first;
- No one finished first, there was no car at finish line, but I went second anyway;
- I'm behind enemy car, I can fire at him, but somehow he manages to shoot me (i was 5th, he was 4th, how did he do that?)

Obviously balance issues:

- It's just way better to use the first car instead of the second one, the minigun sucks balls.
- What's the engine for? I don't see any difference between my speed on the second one and the first one.
- When I defeated case, I got 14000 money. You obviously didn't check for that, did you?

Also, nothing new on the game, besides these area bosses. Game got bugs, balance issues, and the music is well chosen, but ... only one variety? For each interaction? Get rekt

FlashRushGames responds:

Realy? Game so bad and you write so many text :) Lol thanks!

Nothing better than a bout of vehicular warfare to liven up a rainy day! :D Though, I do wish there were medals! Would make the reward of playing through it eternal. Keep up the great work!


Very playable and enjoyable. My only problem is I'm picking up all this stuff and I don't know what it is nor what it does. Instructions say to press "x" for special. There's a thing there that looks like a laptop. What am I suppose to do? Send the other guys a message or an email? Explain what the pickups are for and it would be a better game.

FlashRushGames responds:

Hi, this is case with money, additional coins for upgrades :)

It's another derpy bcar game, and it plays well. Sadly I can't mute sound effects, but that's probably my biggest grumble. I've enjoyed the game enough that I've maxed out the first 4 cars.
The game doesn't bring much new to the table, but it does bloody good job of being what it is, and is thoroughly enjoyable.
I may well complete this game.