Reviews for "A Taste of Turtle Power"

Beautiful animation, Freako!

I'll give it 5/5 for a few reasons.
- I actually like your art style. It's simple, clean cut and you make it work.
- You do an amazing job on the audio portion. A lot of other artists half ass it.
- Obviously the animation itself is on point, however, the fact that you add multiple camera angles and include panning shots is amazing. I hate seeing just one or two static shots or a looped animation.
- You give me hope for hentai artists.

I really hope that you'll make a game sometime soon. (Hopefully with the same, if not similar, art style and animations.) Because watching an animation is fun and all but I feel like playability ends up attracting a larger audience. (If you're into that kinda thing.)

I was too busy masturbating, that I did not expect the plot twist.
I guess I did not see that cumming! *Badum tss!*

Mkay sir i dare you to make a good starfire one and i'll give you a 5