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Reviews for "Overlod"

I played a long while, getting about 200 monsters in each category, before realizing that there were missions.

I'm really stupid.

Very nice addition to the collection of idle games. However, it does get very slow if you reset the game after having defeated every campaign level. I would suggest maybe adding an artifact that would let you revisit campaign levels but with a lower reward? Otherwise, if you've reached that state, the only way to get a feeling of progression with the money again is to hard-reset. Also, i would suggest adding achievements for a sense of completion. Maybe a different looking final boss as well. I might be wrong though, maybe idle games aren't meant to be completed.

FelipeBudinich responds:

One of the few updates I want to make for this game before I work on a sequel, is to add a proper ending (nothing to bombastic, we can't spare the resources at the moment), but something to congratulate players that made it.

thanks for your feedback!

More artifacts! MOREEEE

FelipeBudinich responds:

We are considering how to add more artifacts on the next major version (a.k.a 'sequel'), but that depends a lot on how we approach the new design for the campaign (we are not happy with the current one, we know we can do better)

This game is quite addictive, even though im just clicking buttons. It's ashame how simple yet fun it is.

FelipeBudinich responds:

It kind of surprised me too :-p (I usually play the full game on each update we do).

I've read a lot of reviews, and I enjoyed it.

I do agree that a much larger rehire is needed, or even a custom one. Everything else, the clicky clicky aspect is spot on for an Idle game. But the loss of all the minions during an attack is kind of new, the rehire is nice, but having to hire back by the 100x when I can afford 1000x is quite tedious, most other games just don't let you trash your items for something you will be required to buy back again.

FelipeBudinich responds:

We just added a "hire max" toggle that allows you to hire as many minions as you can afford, making the campaign scale a lot better, please let us know if you have any more feedback, thanks!