Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman 3"


Game of the year! nu wurds tu descrbe ut i love da grephics and um inencible when gient nipples!

I have every medal except "Variety". I tried every character except the last one which is still locked. What do I need to do to make this count?

Darren responds:

Make sure you played as all of them in the same session (without reloading the page or anything) and if that doesn't work then I'm sorry please don't hurt me

[SPOILERS.... sort of...]

Well, I will say that the only reason that I continued to play this game after a while was the achievements. However, the humor was there. I appreciate all the jokes and snide humor, and I even appreciate the graphics. The graphics suited the game fairly well. All in all, this game is a gem of its own. Or should i call it an 'EMMASTONE'?

I'm never gonna give this rad game up.


Very funny game, but a little boring lol