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Reviews for "Cucco Chase"

Found a glitch: http://oi62.tinypic.com/jhg0gn.jpg

I lost the level, but I stayed on the level screen and it let me keep collecting wood with infinite health until I beat the level, even though it said I had 00/00 wood. Then when I went to the next part of the level, the cuccos were still on attack mode so they wouldn't stop attacking no matter how many times I died and restarted.

Also, because the cuccos attack in conga lines, when they hit you and you can't move you're just doomed to get hit again, sometimes over and over until you die. You need a moment after getting hit when you're invincible but can still move.

TheCez responds:

I actually saw this glitch and thought it unlikely to reoccur, but I guess I was mistaken. I tried to fix it, but was unable to identify the source of it…I'm still new at this. I apologize for the glitch and thank you for taking the time to notify me about it! I hope the rest of your game experience was nice!
And I'll try to fix the intangible time so you have a getaway time as well. Thanks again!

It was a really enjoyable game. Challenging, exciting, and the concept was fun and simple.

The game is okay, but there are some problems.
- Trying to beat the game without a scratch is near impossible because some of the wood spawns near the edge of the screen, where a chicken can easily just charge out and hit you.
- you need to disable the right click option because you can just click and press play or forward to beat a level (how do you think I got the Chuck Norris medal? Still, the chickens start running at you so fast, you only have a second or so to click before taking damage.)
- on the bonus levels, whenever I am hit, I sometimes am unable to move, which leads to me taking more damage. (this might be a result of the chickens actually pushing Link around or something, but it makes staying alive during the bonus very tough once you get caught).
- Having a high score on this game isn't really fair as much of it is based on luck, examples being how close wood appears to you, how close the chickens move to the you in the second part, and to a lesser extent, the rise and fall of chicken appearances that may block your way to a fence post or near impossible to dodge in bonus levels. It only takes one of these variables to keep someone who did just as well as someone else from getting the high score they deserve, but this isn't a very competitive game and none of the medals are based on score (thank you for that) so it is not that important.
- the white text boxes aren't really an appealing part of the game, but I can't think of a better design. It just feels like with a few changes in some places, it'd look more like a game instead of a Powerpoint on menu screens.
- There is some bad text placement, like the yellow text overtop of the fence is hard to read. This is especially the case at the end of the where the "secret" is revealed; it's overtop of a chicken and I couldn't read it though I later found out what it was.

For the good qualities of the game, it definitely provides a challenge in the later levels just to beat it (sometimes in a frustrating way) and the game is a novel idea as the cuckoos have been a pretty big running gag in Zelda parodies for a while. I haven't found any glitches, which is great. I was sad the game was so short. It would've been cool if there was a level where you had to throw the cuckoos had one another to knock them out or use them to fly across gaps to get wood.

Still, this game is good and I hope you'll make more of them in the future. I think you'll get a few fans following you after they play this game.

TheCez responds:

Yes, beating the game without a scratch is nearly impossible, which is why I made the medal worth so much. And I had no idea about the right-click thing! I need to fix that definitely. And, yes, the not moving around for a bit when your hit is part of the difficulty. And yeah, the whole high score was a last minute thing I added by request from Giulliano, which is why I didn't make any medals for that. I honestly just care about the survival records hahaha. I see your points about the text boxes and text placements!
Thank you so much for all of your advice and opinions! I will take them all into considerations, and I'm glad you took the time for all this!

Cute little game, although more level-types might be good. But what's the hard part about coding the same button to do the same thing under different circumstances?

TheCez responds:

Not hard anymore. I'm just a n00b learning how to program games. This was one of my first projects, so at the time I started this, creating keyboard events and coding them correctly was still a mystery to me

Very fun my friend. I enjoyed how challenging it gets towards the end. No bugs, smooth animations. I just think the layout design could be a little better. But great second game. I will keep playing to get Chuck Norris medal!