Reviews for "Shark Lifting 2"

Awesome game, clear instructions, awesome minigames, realistic achievements. Brilliant.

One thing though.. The credits don't appear to contain the name of the song playing during the CAST screen at the end.. Anyone got any ideas? Developer dude? Halp!

Wiesi responds:

Oh thats "Keep Me Hanging On 16bit", you can find that song in the NG Audio Portal! I think I just forgot to put it into the credits.. Here's the URL: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/497166

This is so much fun and such a wacky idea wonderfully executed. I can't believe I hit top 10 on the leaderboards too! The internet needs more people willing to make games like this. Not like this meaning the same type of game but like this as in coming up with an original idea with a crazy oddball sort of story and just going for it. I really really enjoyed playing this game.


I played this many times already, and my little brothers have fun with it. I think by the time I finished this game; my arm was VERY tired, I might be able to rest up and lift a shark in real life by now.

I broke every record B| [amazing game bro]