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Reviews for "Hacker's Escape"

Great game! Nice and challenging!

When I saw the math I got worried but after I realize that was so easy. Good background and I liked the story "hacker". This game was challenging, thank you :)

Pretty clever, but there are some things that don't make sense. First, a copy of a fingerprint made from a printer wouldn't work on a fingerprint scanner. Fingerprints don work like that. Second, why would the people who captured the hacker protagonist have such a convoluted way just to acquire a key out of the storage room involving hats, posters, and a photo of trees? Unless they deliberately designed the puzzle that way in order to test the hacker, it really doesn't make sense. Other than that, the puzzles and story were both pretty good ( I had to look up the one involving the hexadecimals though), making for a good game overall. Nice job!

Great puzzles. The background is realistic but doesn't make it too hard to find collectable items, unless some other point and click games here.

i think the real websites name is coolfont isntead of newgrounds idk