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Reviews for "Bonne Jenet tentacled"

Honestly, I cannot fault this at all. Smooth animation, plenty of options and the girl herself is very well done. 5 stars, mate: this game deserves it :)

StudioPirrate responds:

thanks my friend :)

really great but maybe you could of also added her stomach growing or inflating (however you want to put it) with each cum or egg

StudioPirrate responds:

there is many things that could have been added but it already took me a lot of time learning those tricks. I'll try to include them on a next project.
thanks for your comment and support my friend :)

sound effect would be nice

StudioPirrate responds:

i know but I still have to learn this and find good sexy sounds, I'm just an illustrator to begin with, so I still have lots to learn :)

Excellent first entry, Mister Pirrate. I assume SeƱor Hollywood is extremely pleased with the result. Can't think of anything to say that the other reviewers have not already said. Good line work, great expressions, etc. I generally prefer a little more... mess, cumwise, but my preferences aren't the important ones here, are they?

I do have one question, though. Did she deserve it?

StudioPirrate responds:

of course not !! XD

thanks for your kind words :)

Haha love this I've seen your art on the web princess leia's ordeal would make a funny flash game.