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Reviews for "My Friend Pedro: Arena"

Oh my, I was hoping for more of this. Epic!

moar slow motion shooty killy stabby banana massacres!

Love the game. Best shooting game that i played. Hope there a next one man. Also love the gun we have. Wish it was a adventure game too.

Try standing between the two doors on the top floor of the first map with a knife. You can kill everyone before they draw their weapons, and enemies come out consistently after uzis come out. I milked it for 500 kills before I got bored. How far can you take the killstreak?

My Friend Pedro is one of the best flash games i've ever played and sooner or later i'm hoping to get it on steam as it's a great game and may even be the best but that's my opinion and others might agree with it but beside that it really deserves credit for being a great game...