Reviews for "Christmas Cookie Quest"

Awesome as always

I always love your games and this definitely deserves the Daily Feature award.

The music is fun, although I will admit I play without as that is how I play these types of games usually. The final song though is phenomenal and if it is available anywhere, please do share the link!

The graphics are very different to me, as I guess I am just so used to the usual really large eyed cartoon characters that are usually done. Were I someone though that probably only played a couple games and then this one, I think they would probably be really into the change.

And finally the scenario is really cute and fitting of the season. It is all about getting together and helping our fellow man, but when gingerbread cookies are offered, you'd better deliver.

Merry Christmas CarmelGames and many hopes for the new year!

Awesome little game! Love Carmel Games :)

*Game starts*
*Moving mouse at "START"*
*Four fingers appears*

Sooo....this keeps happening to me. I keep having trouble to unlock the medals on the first try, and end up having to play it a second time to unlock it.
I mentioned this in another of your games comments section but tell me...are your medals linked to the in game timer?
The only thing that I do that comes to mind is that I usually open like a whole lot of tabs when in newgrounds and then I start to slowly play all the games I opened...you think that I keep a game for too long in the loading screen it could trigger a bug that causes this? cuz then I refresh the page to unlock the medal and it works in the second try so...maybe?

Man George needs better friends.