Reviews for "Shaman's Quest, part 2"

No screaming this time? :P Didn't really get an impression from the last episode if this series was in past or present, though I thought it'd be present considering the glacier breaking/potential global warming/etc, but this time it looks more like the past, with such visious beasts roaming the glaciers! Another great episode!


To the front page with this!

Great job on this! I really enjoyed this recent edition to your Shaman's Quest series. The intro music gives these animations a unique touch, in my opinion. I also admire the time you put into the detailed, background artwork throughout the animations. The trees on the landscape, shadows from the ice on the ground, and the drifting snow fall are just three examples of the great aerial perspective you provide in your animations.

I'm looking forward to part 3 of this series! Keep up the good work!