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Reviews for "Sex Hair II The Woolening"

i was expecting something amazing but you just blew my mind friend XD the last hairbender got me real hard :D i'd give it 100 stars if i could but oh well 5 will have to do :D everyone must see this *-*
and i now im waiting for sexhair 3 XD hehe
and now to the animation and voice acting both really well i can see why it took you so long :D you really put all of it in this one :D was really worth the wait n_n i dont know what else to say so ima close it here :3 cant wait for more of your stuff c:

HAHAHAAAAA! OH MY GOD! You realy, seriursly realy just amazed me there! when you told me a number 2 qas on the way, i almoast stoped believing, but then *WHOSH*!" out of nowhere, a number 2, and even BETTER! than i had expected, this was amazing! so good! oh my god *ROFL COPTER for it!*

WooleyWorld responds:

Roflcopter *highfive* Thanks olo.

that was hilarious

LOL.The super hair

That ending is really funny

WooleyWorld responds:

Funny enough to redeem myself from SnakeFish21 apparently. :p