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Reviews for "Monster hunter Halloween"

That was awesome and hilarious the whole way through.

I love it. The Idea that there is a "Trick or Treat?" quest, that you collect material from the monsters by knocking at their doors and the fact that it is still a dangerous thing to do. The ending is also nice, I always wondered what is under his mask, maybe its closer to the truth than expected...

I always seem to enjoy your MH animations but this was nicely thought out in how the trick or treating works with the monsters, and quite frankly the ending with the mask was sorta freaky and creative with what was underneath being unyielding and unending darkness that devours all in its wake...... anyway, hope to see more from you and good luck in your future endeavors.

Rathalos plates! I really enjoyed this video, just like your other ones. Thanks for making these. There aren't enough monster hunter fan creations out there.

awesome, love your videos, i epsacialy liked the part abozut rahtalos handing out his plates.
As a non native english speaker i never thought about this possibility.
The one thing im thinking of is that something like a rathalos ruby is just a kidney stone...or tooth stone.