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Reviews for "Brains"

wow this was great, and how the zombie died was funny XD

but the ending was sad :'(

This song is better than anything i've heard on the radio in at least 2 months.
What has happened to the world...

i give it a 5/5 ecuase of them feels man the ending his kid is a zambie and she gose to bite him it was so sad im really sad right now because of that thank you this music was so good if i die right now i will be the happiest soul around im so sad wright now

It's been a long time since I have been on newgrounds and I see this and I am blown away. Amazing job. I actually just got into making music so listening to this was not only a treat but the video that goes along with it is beautiful! Thank you for this fine piece of art. I hope to see even more from you.

i love it! But it makes me sad at the end good work bro!