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Reviews for "Ninja Action - 5"

lol funny i know some of them like that dude from the tv show thats to funny to be true and i have seen the show and o know russian and its really funny and that singer is good singer but good those fags but still funny

keep up the good work

Hmm, is that error screen at the end intentional? It flickers by so fast I thought it'd be an easter egg, but it looks like a real one... which makes me wonder. Anyway, the action was great, though some of the things the celebrities say don't really make sense to me! I guess it's more of a cultural thing than any flaw in translation - you need to know the people to get the jokes/how they act, but the subs are great! I remember last time there weren't any, so that's definitely a big improvement. In the end though, action without reference transcends all cultural borders, like the figure skating. Best one. XD Looking forward to No6!


BRAVO!! Though I don't know any of these ppl, but I get it and love it!

I do like it! :D

No wonder this was so weird at the age of 12