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Reviews for "Hyrule Warriors"

Animation and sound is great. Not crazy about the content itself though. Too preachy and elitist. Also, doesn't Hyrule Warriors allow you to select varying degrees of difficulty (and the gameplay videos just have easy mode on in order to showcase the moves of each character).

Anyway, smugn tone aside, the humor wasn't really there either. It's basically the same "lol, you lack skills, you are stupid" joke throughout the whole thing. Some of the animation was fun and expressive, though, like the body language and expressions of the characters.

Cameron-Ohara responds:

Thanks! Like I said, I don't want anyone to take this video too seriously because I am really looking forward to playing this game myself and giving the Dynasty Warriors formula another try.

On the other hand, Ren was never a character that was meant to be emulated. Ren calling his son an "effing idiot;" Ren smacking Stimpy upside the head; Ren's heartless criticism of another persons' gaming preferences - these are the actions of a villainous character, and as such are not encouraged. :)

Heh, exactly my thoughts on Hyrule Warriors.

Is that a well-animated Ren and Stimpy...?

Well then. 5/5 and 5 stars for you.

Stay classy.

Cameron-Ohara responds:

Classy it is! Thanks!

You're getting there! It has the right feel and the set up is good, though as you said you need a bit of improvement still :)

Cameron-Ohara responds:

Thank-you!! :D I will endeavor to do better next time!

You can definitely see that you've come a long way from your 1st animation, which is something everyone goes through. The animations were fluid, I liked the changing artstyles towards the end when he got the game, and it was really relate-able hahahahah for some weird reason.

Cameron-Ohara responds:

Which Zelda fan has never held a new Zelda game up above their heads, and sung the fanfare? :)

Thank you for supporting my belief that I've actually improved since my first animation. ^___^