Reviews for "Between Worlds"

first of all, i like the game, but I can't help but feel like I've been in this box before in some kufced up time, not that big of a deal I suppose, as it is still a good mechanic, and to my knowledge, nobody has used it for a while. I haven't found the story yet, but I did manage to trap myself by switching dimensions when I fell off the screen, and landing in a door I wasn't supposed to be at yet.

Cool game. Nicely done,its good..Wow

add a leader and a longer music loop because it starts to get annoying especially when you can hear the music restart, music loops need to be seamless to work right

EduardoLopes responds:

Agree! I was already working in a new music when you leave this comment. The music was really short because i didn't had so much time to work on music and send the game to the competition (ludum dare) in time. Now i updated with a better music loop.

Thanks for your feedback.

I don't get the meaning of ending...

EduardoLopes responds:

It's a clue about a possible sequence with a story line.

I enjoyed this game, I didn't have the music on, because I don't like having music on. But the controls and the premise (whilst done previously) is quite fun, the controls were nice. The ending a bit abrupt and a story line for it would be nice.

EduardoLopes responds:

The game gets really really easy at the end. When i was finishing the game to sent to the competition (3h left, i think) i found a level design problem in the map, so i needed to remake really quickly and that's what i got.

About the story, i couldn't do it in time. When i was making this game for ludum dare competition i spent the time (48h) trying to make a playable game, i have some ideias about what i can do with the story, but now i'm making another game to the js13kgames competition (http://js13kgames.com/). At the end of the game i leave a message giving a clue about a possible sequence with a story line, but i don't know if i'll make a sequence, maybe (i want to try at least). (I just answer that in another comment, so i copy and paste here).

Thatks for you feedback.