Reviews for "Galaticus"

I really enjoy the depth of this game. it's like an on-rails shooter with usage of 3D dimensions in 2D! takes timing and precision,and the music is good too. Good work! I like it!

I thought this game was not bad. I think the title was a play on "Galactus". It's an awesome name either way. I was amazed at how hard I had to work with this. Some levels were just unbeatable at first. The next ones were a lot easier!

It worked pretty well for how simple it was. I thought the music was pretty good. I feel bad for not getting a medal. Eh, I'm just going to forget about it now. The good still outweighs the bad.

Really unique and good game!

This was an unique retro-style space game. Good job.

This was pretty cool! Gyruss is the kind of game that should be revisited more often. The controls are difficult, but I think it's only because you have to keep track of so much stuff at once. There are so many options and ways to move...really I just stayed at the top as if it were Gyruss. Possibly that wasn't the best strategy...fun though.