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Reviews for "Ladies Knight"

wow, an amazing cartoon!
great animation speed, good scene-to-scene transition, and some wild and funny face expressions!
also a funny story going on in here, and i loved how every character in this movie was unique and had his/her own personallity.

i especially liked the knight's sarcastic singing sword, being impatient and cool, and the horse named doofus, he was so cool and funny! it was fun when he hid his head in the bush when nothing else was available for cover!
and the dancing part was awesome, for both characters.

a great story that could easily turn into a great set of series.....

do more! and more importantly, work in an animator's studio, if you are not already working in one.
because you have big skills!
you are GOOD!

That the first original flash movie I've known to closely resemble a Disney film.

Very well made.

It's light hearted, well scripted, and wonderfully animated.

best animation on newgrounds yet!!

What have I to say that has not already been said. Genius, simply genius.