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Reviews for "KTK: Kombo's Nightmare"

Who's that sexy evil voice? :P

^_^ YOY! I assisted in something

nice flash, everything works.

Congrats on the Daily 4th, Kombo!

Like Nico, I didn't really find it funny. But you've definitely improved with your line quality, and I'm happy to see that. The only problem is when the evil guy was talking about cancelling MLP:FiM, his left hand kinda looked bigger than the other. But the animation is actually really smooth from your other stuff. Good job, dude! : >

Kombothekid responds:

Thanks! And yeah, with the hand, you're kinda right. Well, too late to fix it now.

The best part was the music at the end. Art is good, animation is ok. The voice acting varied in volume and quality, though was still done pretty well. The writing wasn't anything new or funny. Overall the flash was pretty good, the plot could have used some work, I'd like to see more from you, I think you have great potential. Also if you made that music at the end, make more music.