Reviews for "Improv 4 ~P~"

Great job!
I was wondering when you were going to upload this :D
I've listened to the first 10 minutes, and things sounds really nice :3

I'll listen to the rest as background music when doing something else sometime, but currently, I don't have that much time, unfortunately. I'll totally upload an even longer improvisation when I get to recording one though :3
I'd love to recrod it on a real piano though...

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks~! <3 I guess if you read one of the previous review someone made a time-list of points in the song xD

I actually wasn't aiming for length on this one, but it ended up super long. xD I wonder how long your next improv will be! :O

And yeah, a real piano would be lovely~! Q^Q One day.... #lifegoals

This Impro session was really good.
Overall, I love it!
I have been listening to it since you uploaded it, it is really easy to listen to, and due to its length it doesn't even feel repetitive!
The change between calm moments and faster ones gives it good dynamics and allows to "wake me up" from the calm piano.

Since it is so long, I tried to make a list of the most interesting part for me and what I like about them.
18:30-20:00 Progressive increase in BPM
26:18-28:00: Calm atmosphere, gain in strength later
29:14-31:15: Good
40:10-41:20: Favorite part, every time the music reach this part I just stop whatever I do and listen to it.
47:40-52:25: Everything is good here, feel like a story. special mention to 50:20-50:20 with the very fast succession of key
53:40-54:40: Very fast key again, calm and strong at the same time
59:54-1:00:50: Favorite part bis, sounds like overwhelming difficulty
1:03:10-1:04:35: Good

Sorry that my English is too basic to really express my feelings.
I can't wait for the next one :P

Wow great instrumental I like it!

Really nice! Also I would like to ask you if I can use your music for university video game that I will be doing in this semester.

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks for enjoying it!
And certainly, provided that it is noncommercial and that you credit me properly. ^.^/