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Reviews for "Addicktion"

Hi, there was a video with the line, “timmy dont bite that apple” do you have the link for it? I cannot find it anymore.


I laughed so hard at how quickly that turned sour for him.

The art style is really nice and makes me think of older cartoons on Newgrounds that looked simpler. Got to love how when he was asked to write down "069" he ended up drawing a penis instead and starts to freak out over it as well.

The audio is very clean and good to hear. I like how the phone voice sounds filtered and as if it was coming from an actual phone. The voices were hilarious.

Overall, nice short piece, hilarious.

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Markface responds:

You're very sweet.

This was fun for a quick laugh.

This was hilarious, mostly because it's pretty unexpected. The pacing is pretty good.; everything starts out slow as if it were a normal day and then the speed increases dramatically as the twist comes in and it really helps convey the joke. Although it's fun for a short gag, that's really all it is, a short gag. I can agree with Haggard, that I would have liked if it were a bit longer and went into a bit more detail as to why he's always drawing penises, but then it would get a bit more story driven and I'm not really sure if a dick joke could work that well stretched out, heh.

Art and animation were pretty good. The drawings were a bit simplistic and crude looking but I think that helped with the overall feel. That uh... dick was pretty well drawn, lol. The animation itself was all right but the lipsync was really good, so good job with that.

Audio was also good. The audio quality was pretty decent and the voice acting was good and seemed fitting. Then when the music kicks in when the guy realizes what he's done, that was perfectly handled and fit really well, so overall well done.

I liked this. It was pretty decent on the presentation side but really well executed humor-wise. Some smoother animation would be nice, but it's all right where it is.

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Markface responds:

Cheers big ears.

Starts out like an every day event, but spirals down to a psycho drama of epic propotions.

The drawings are pretty good here, as is the voice acting. The only thing that I can really critizise here is the very short length. Just when the story really is about to start, the flash ends. I would've liked to see a few more scenes. Maybe show Mr. Smith how he keeps drawing penises all over the walls, or show him in a mental hospital... just add something more to give this story some sort of conclusion.

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Markface responds:

Probably would have had I not been so busy.

And by busy I mean lazy. ;)